23rd Annual Zed Haunted House – It’s a Scream

Come face to fang with your living nightmares at the Zed Haunted House (Oct 18– 31) in support of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Red Deer.

You’re never alone in the dark

As you snuggle into your fluffy bed in your coziest jimjams, horrors gather just a few blocks away. Mobs of brain-chomping zombies stumble out of the damp woods. Fang-toothed fluke-mouthed cute-kid-eating monsters claw their way up from the sewers. And foamy-mouthed wild-eyed psychos stomp clomp right past your window wielding freshly sharpened weapons. It’s the end of the month of fear, time for the monsters to feast on your terror, your screams and your young tender flesh.

23rd Annual Zed Haunted House

The absolutely terrifying (yet totally safe and harmless) haunted house is the primary fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Red Deer and District and 100% of the money raised through admission goes to fund their community-based after-school programs. The nine clubs across Red Deer offer free programs where kids can play sports and games, get homework help and a healthy snack.

Hold onto your buddy

But back to the nightmare of people-eating monsters waiting for you inside. You’ll find lots of blood, veiny half-skinned corpses, blood-guzzling skeletons, spikey-toothed monster-mouthed vampires, witches – they eat kids you know – and this year’s newest beast, The Tormentor.

Remember as you lurch and feel your way through the dark psych ward, icky gore room, haunted mansion and dank forest – there are hidden doors if it gets too much – just shriek at your tour guide and he’ll show you where to run screaming.

Spook pass

This year, you can buy advance passes online for $20. The Spook Pass means you’ll get to skip the long line (just come right up to the door), get an exclusive photo opp and a special trick or treat. You can buy your pass online through TicketLeap.

Terror-ific nights to visit

The Zed haunted House runs for 14 nights right up until Halloween night, but there are a bunch of special event nights you horror-loving screech-screamers will want to check out.

During Screamfest on Oct 19, you’ll get a chance to see all 12 horrifying characters that horrify the crowds outside. Witness the march of the zombies every 20 minutes on Friday Fright Night, Oct 25 and check out a bunch of spooky hearses on Saturday, Oct 26. Win prizes at the costume parade on Wicked Wednesday (Oct 30) and join the big crowds on Hallow’s Eve, the creepiest night of the year, Thursday, Oct 31.

Kids matinees

The Haunted house is recommended for really brave kids 10 and up, but the kids matinees on Saturdays and Sundays are geared for ages 7–12. They include a glow stick, a geared down tour with friendly tour guides and more lights, no big scares and bypassing the gore room.

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