Your Call – Best Dining in Red Deer


In a city of almost 100,000 people, Red Deer has a multitude of restaurants to choose from for any given day or meal. After asking Tourism Red Deer’s Facebook fans where they prefer to eat, there were a few clear top choices.

Original Joe’s got top votes and comments ranging from “best atmosphere” to “best food and service”. People mentioned specific drinks they enjoyed, including the Iceberg and the Funky Cold Mediva, as well as favorite foods, from burgers to pasta and even some of the gluten free options. Original Joe’s Restaurant and Bar, located at 4720 – 51st Ave, has their menu online at

The next mention was a restaurant that has seen huge growth recently. Cities Gastro Pub also got some attention. It boasts itself as not just being a bar or a restaurant, but being the best of both worlds. They are located at 3301 50 Ave and can be found online at

Also mentioned was Las Palmaras which offers a range of authentic Mexican cuisine. They have been open in Red Deer for over 10 years and comments included “best food” and “best place for supper”. They are in Red Deer at 3630 50 Ave and online at

A number of restaurants were mentioned with the same number of votes including Glenn’s (37424 QEII South Gasoline Alley), It’s All Greek To e and Shiso (3731 50 Ave).

Another top honor went to The Ranch House. Many people commented saying it was the “best place for supper with friends”, “casual drinks”, and “best food in Red Deer”. Others said it had the best atmosphere and that the restaurant is great because it’s typically quiet on week nights. The Ranch House is at 7159 50 Ave.

Many restaurants were mentioned but just outside the top 5 were some that people specifically said deserve some notice including the new State & Main in East Hill Centre (470, 3020 22nd St) which got notice for its’ bruschetta and numerous other appetizers.

Also recognized  was La Casa Pergola which was mentioned for its’ close proximity to work for many as well as the accessibility and terrific food and service. They are located at 4909 48 St or online at

Two other honorable mentions that received rave reviews were George’s Pizza & Steak House (6715 Gaetz Ave) and Traptow’s Cool Beans Bus. George’s was commented on as being “little known” and a “hidden gem” in Red Deer. Cool Beans Bus has a large following of customers including some who commented and said “best food and service combination.” Cool Beans is moving to a new location this year. Check them out at 4740-50th St.

There were many other restaurants mentioned, all of which received reviews including best food, best specific dish, best service, best atmosphere and more. One comment was made that any number of restaurants could be picked based on what type of food one likes or what meal they were looking to dine out for.

In the end there was not a concise winner, but a clear show of support for Red Deer’s restaurant scene and the number of fantastic dining options in the city.

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