7 Places to Walk, Hike, or Bike in Red Deer

Red Deer’s beautiful parks and natural areas are well known throughout Alberta with over 100 km of amazing trails connecting users to green spaces and park attractions. Pack a few snacks or a picnic lunch and stop at one of the many day use areas along the way, sip a coffee while the kids play on one of the playground, … Read More

5 Great Campsites In and Around Red Deer

Albertans are tough. We endure long and cold winters only to enjoy the heck out of our summers and Red Deer is one of the best locations in the province to do it. Red Deer offers plenty of natural escapes for camping, some within the comfort of city limits and others deep in the backcountry bush. If you’re keen on ... Read More

7 Spots for a Picnic in Red Deer

Grab your checkered blanket and get ready summer! Red Deer has an abundance of parks and recreation facilities, so pack up the basket and head out to a park or picnic spot near you. These are a few of the areas you can enjoy on International Picnic Day. So pick your park, find a bench or that great shady spot … Read More

Races to Conquer in Red Deer this Summer

Is there anything better than lacing up your runners, slapping on some SPF, and hitting the trails? Red Deer has a multitude of races this summer, including walks, marathons, and obstacle courses. If you’re supporting a charity or looking just to get in shape, there is something for everyone! So come one, come all, and see which races you want … Read More

Summer Pools & Spray Parks

There are many ways to cool down this summer in Red Deer and surrounding area. Possibly the best way to shake the summer heat is to take a dip in an outdoor pool or bring the whole family to one of many spray parks. Options in Red Deer include Discovery Canyon, Kin Kanyon, Blue Grass Sod Farm Central Spray and … Read More

3 Red Deer obstacle races to conquer in 2017

Mud Hero Red Deer

Red Deer is home to many an exciting and challenging obstacle course. This summer, several of them are making their return to the city and if you’ve ever wanted to test your physical limits out in the rugged Red Deer outdoors, there’s not a better time to register, train and start planning your summertime trip to Central Alberta. For accommodations, … Read More

Birding, Above All

Red Deer Nature

Fall and spring migration is a time when the woods are alive with the twittering of warblers and sparrows, the beaches are dotted with shorebirds, and many wetlands are abundant with geese and ducks. Patrolling these restless flocks are Peregrine Falcons and other majestic birds of prey. Some of the early migrants, such as Horned Larks and Mountain Bluebirds, arrive … Read More

All Natural Adventure

Kerry Wood Nature Centre

It was a warm Saturday afternoon and my son and I buckled up our rented snowshoes and headed out into the woods behind Kerry Wood Nature Centre. Always a favourite family stop, we have spent many fun hours visiting the small animals and displays in the nature centre and exploring the trails and the woodland of the Waskasoo Parkland in every … Read More

Red Deer Winter Fun Ideas

Canyon Ski Winter

Let’s face it, when the mercury plunges and nature wraps itself in a thick, snowy blanket, there is some temptation to stay inside and slip into hibernation mode. Fortunately, there are also plenty of tempting reasons to get outside and embrace the season – snow and all. Grab your toque and try some of these cool ways to make friends … Read More

Make a Splash

Canoeing in Red Deer

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”-Loren Eiseley, The Immense Journey, 1957 When days grow long and hot in Central Alberta, Red Deer has two free outdoor water play parks and some fantastic indoor pools that are open year round. Visitors can rent boats at Bower Ponds in Red Deer or bring their own canoe or kayak … Read More

Camping Near Red Deer, Alberta

Camping in Red Deer

Break out the camp stoves and hibachis, the snow is starting to melt and the camping season is in sight. Albertans are tough. We endure long and cold winters only to enjoy the heck out of our summers and Red Deer, Alberta is one of the best locations in the province to do it. Red Deer offers plenty of natural … Read More

Test Your Toughness

Test Your Toughness

Central Alberta is the ideal place to test your mettle and see what you’re really made of. In the process, you’ll find true adventure, have a fun time and feel a sense of accomplishment for stepping outside your comfort zone and challenging yourself. There’s something for nearly every age and fitness level. The Woody’s RV World Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k … Read More

6 Obstacle Course Races to Try and Conquer in 2016

Mud Hero Alberta

Get out and challenge yourself! Red Deer hosts 6 different obstacle course races this summer which are sure to be more than exciting! There’s sure to be one that fits your skill level and schedule…   1 – Polar Bear Dip – February 13 If jumping into an ice cold lake sounds like a thrill, Sylvan Lake might just have the … Read More

Top 5 Outdoor Rinks in Red Deer

Outdoor Rinks Red Deer

Hockey runs deep in Red Deer. The city has over 60 outdoor skating rinks for public use. Each one is maintained by the city. Some have boarded rinks while others use snowbanks for leisure skating. There are also 3 ponds to skate around on as well as a speed-skating oval. So, to lead up to the Memorial Cup let’s sharpen … Read More

Every Day is an Adventure

Adventure for Everyone! Nature is unpredictable, but that’s what makes it interesting. “My job is never boring,” says Kathryn Huedepohl, Public Programmer at Kerry Wood Nature Centre. “I may be leading a raft tour down the Red Deer River, guiding a nature walk through the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary, star gazing at an evening star party, running a preschool nature program, doing paperwork or any number of other things. … Read More

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

Close Encounters It was sometime after midnight and Judy Boyd, an avid birder, was sitting inside the observation tower at Medicine River Wildlife Centre with other local birders listening to a cacophony of sounds coming from the surrounding Boreal Forest. The group was participating in something called “The Big Sit” and the concept was simple – find a good spot for bird watching, sit in that spot for … Read More

Outdoor Adventures in Central Alberta

Outdoor Adventures in Red Deer

Are you looking to get your family and friends outside and active this summer?  We think that sounds like a great plan!  Chances are, you are pretty familiar with larger attractions, but here is a list of some that you should definitely check out this summer.

Extreme nutty fun

Red Deer Mud Heroes 6KM, 18+Obstacles, 10,000 watt after-party, this venue features hills, mud, water and plenty of challenging terrain for an unsurpassed event experience – and you’ll have some crazy fun doing it. Jump from a plane At Red Deer’s Alberta Skydive Central, you can jump out of a speeding plane with a professional instructor strapped to your back for safe … Read More