Tourism Week – Your Accommodation

Planning a visit in the Red Deer region, why rush? Make it an overnighter. You won’t be disappointed!  There are so many types of accommodations to choose from as you plan your stay in central Alberta. Depending on your preference, you can select from quaint B&Bs, cozy inns, hotel chains with reward programs, comfy cabins or a variety of campgrounds. … Read More

Tourism Week – Tourism Red Deer’s Arts, Culture & Heritage Experience

Central Alberta has been instrumental in showcasing and hosting the works from artists, talented musicians, performers, dancers and actors alike! Rich in arts, culture and heritage, this region has so much to offer locals and visitors. From the sweet sounds of jazz at a restaurant, to the rock steady beats heard on stage, to the story-telling sounds of an orchestra … Read More

Tourism Week – Tourism Red Deer’s Food & Beverage Scene

Whether it’s a fresh cup of coffee, some sweet baked treats, a delicious family meal, a fine glass of wine, or a perfectly poured pint of craft beer, you’ll find it here at Tourism Red Deer. This local food and beverage industry has emerged over past several years into a must experience when you visit this amazing region.  The reason … Read More

Tourism Week – Outdoor Recreation

Red Deer and its neighbouring communities have an amazing number of outdoor recreational activities for everyone to experience, from the beginner to the elite.   In the winter, we love to play on the white stuff! Here in central Alberta we’re lucky to have great locations for downhill skiing, tubing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  If it’s the ice you prefer, finding a place to skate, play hockey, or try some ice fishing … Read More

Get out of the grey, experience the colours

As we celebrate Tourism Week, we take the time to reflect on how much we appreciate the local faces and places that make Tourism Red Deer what it is today.  These people are our community ambassadors, they are passionate, creative and resilient individuals. Looking forward to making the most of our central Alberta summer, we at Tourism Red Deer are … Read More

Tourism Week – A message from Tourism Red Deer’s Board Chair

Dear Members and Community, The board of Tourism Red Deer would like to welcome you to celebrate Tourism Week 2021! This year, we aim to recognize the resilience of the industry through this unprecedented time. During May 23rd to May 30th, we nationally recognize the contributions that Central Alberta’s tourism sector makes to the economy and local community. We salute … Read More

Tourism Week – P.S. We miss you

In the midst of Tourism Week, we continue our features on Tourism Red Deer.  This time something a little different. For the past 14 months, the world has been put through the ringer. One of the hardest hit during the pandemic, has been the tourism industry. It’s hard to explain what some of those people have had to experience, and … Read More