Augmented Reality Comes To Red Deer

Tourism Red Deer is pleased to present the City of Red Deer with a new augmented reality experience that will bring Red Deer’s history to life.

Augmented reality (AR) is a perceived reality that has been mediated or modified by digital device such as a smartphone, tablet or with the new Google Glass. Tourism Red Deer partnered with the innovative digital marketing agency Strong Coffee Marketing and to create an experience which will bring Red Deer’s bronze ghosts to life with the talent from the Bull Skit Theatre group.

Simply install the free Aurasma application found on the iTunes App Store or the Google App Marketplace and then search and follow the “Tourism Red Deer” Channel on the app. When you’re ready to bring history to life, scan the sticker or sign with the silhouette of the ghost found near or on each plaque. You will see a purple swirl while the video clip loads and the Ghost will appear shortly there after.

If you want to share this AR experience with others, you can share the “Red Deer Tourism Aurasma Channel” with a click through the app. You can also pick up a “Red Deer Ghosts Revealed” brochure and bring seven of the ten sculptures to life at home.

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