There’s lots to do this Winter at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre

Kerrywood Nature Centre Winter

A refuge of natural space, the Kerry Wood Nature Centre is located in the heart of Red Deer along the Red Deer River’s banks. Named in honour of the late E. A. Kerry Wood, a naturalist, awarding winning author and long-time resident of Red Deer, the Kerry Wood Nature Centre is a beautiful and educational experience for the whole family. Learn the history of Red Deer and Central Alberta as you explore the Centre’s many exhibits and demonstrations.

Open year round, the Kerry Wood Nature Centre carters to those looking to learn a little bit about their natural surroundings. The centre is open from 10am – 5pm every day of the year, expect for Christmas Day, with a host of different weekly events offered to its community.

Discover the Stars during the Daylight

Bring the night sky to life during the day with Kerry Wood Nature Centre’s mobile planetarium. It’s the perfect way to introduce yourself and your kids to astronomy and the stories that come with the stars. Enjoy a guided tour of the stars as interpreters tell the stories behind all those twinkling pictures in the sky. The planetarium can be enjoyed at the Centre or it can be delivered to a location. The mobile planetarium can seat roughly 25 children or even more roughly, 20 adults. Perfect for school classes, youth groups, or special events, take a tour of the stars any time of the day. Want more info? Check out the brochure.

Be Your Own Guide and Explore on Your Own

Be your own guide and explore the Kerry Wood Nature Centre and Historic Fort Normandeau facilities for free. There’s even an extensive natural history and environmental education reference library. There’s also field study equipment for use along with access to Marjorie Wood Gallery and the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary. There’s no charge for use of the grounds but make sure you call ahead and see if the facilities are available.

Check out the Local Art at Marjorie Wood Gallery

Still working through their renovations, the Marjorie Wood Gallery is open all year round and showcases Alberta artists and their unique connections to the natural world and the Red Deer landscape. Check out the work local artists are producing and get a sense of your community at the Marjorie Wood Gallery.

Bird Watching from a Bird Blind

Alberta’s oldest federal migratory bird sanctuary sits on almost 122 hectares of protected land within Red Deer. Since 1924, these protected lands have been set aside as a home for plants, mammals, birds and other wildlife. Bring you binoculars and catch the birds and wildlife on a day trip, explore the 5KM of trails equipped with a bird blind and viewing decks. Explore the beautiful trails and observe the different aquatic birds and wildlife even in the winter time. The trails and nature centre remain open all year round for the brave and bundled natural explorer.

Classes beyond the Classroom

Offering engaging and exciting outdoor educational experiences for Central Alberta’s youth, the Kerry Wood Nature Centre provides programs for kids in grades 1 through 8. Get your hands dirty with the Hands-On Science series offered this fall and winter. Learn how local wild life survives through the winter with hands-on activities using animal pelts and resident live animals. Or, if you’re a rock hound, explore the Building Blocks of Rock program and jump into the world of geology with this introductory course to minerals.

The winter months can keep us locked up indoors dreading the cold winds and deep snow, but for those of us that love the nature that this province has to offer the Kerry Wood Nature Centre is the perfect Central Alberta escape. Enjoy the great outdoors and learn a little something as you do it at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre.

Photo courtesy of Kerry Wood Nature Centre on Instagram.

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