Take the Detour and Visit Troubled Monk Brewery

Troubled Monk Brewery Red Deer Alberta

Some road trips take months of planning. Others are spur of the moment and only take a few minutes to slap together.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when a few friends and I all piled into my car and decided to head down to Red Deer, Alberta for a beer. The drive from Edmonton to Red Deer is a straight shot down QE2 for about an hour and forty minutes – a relatively short drive to see a unique Alberta brewery and enjoy couple of pints with friends.

Troubled Monk Brewery bar

Red Deer’s newest contribution to the craft beer industry comes in the form of a monk, a Troubled Monk.

Visit Troubled Monk Brewery

Just outside of Blackfalds we started seeing signs for Red Deer. Our thirst in need of quenching and our curiosity at its peak, we were getting closer to our spur of the moment road trip destination, Troubled Monk Brewery.

Fifteen minutes off the highway, just a quick detour from our usual Gasoline Alley pit stop, and we arrived at our destination – the Troubled Monk Brewery.

Walking into the brewery is like walking into a pub. There’s a bartender behind the counter ready to greet you, chairs and tables set up to take a load off, and the glistening of the large steel beer kettles in the background.

Troubled Monk Brewery - the bar

Tours of the brewery are offered upon request, so naturally we requested a brewery tour. From cracking grain to boiling wort, the Troubled Monk staff walked us through the process and showed us the steps in how they make their beer – the same beer that was poured from the tap minutes prior.

Troubled Monk Brewery - Brewery Tour 2

Troubled Monk Brewery - Brewery Tour 1

After getting a good handle on the how the beer was made we relaxed with another from the rotating tap and continued our conversation.

Troubled Monk Brewery Kettle

Troubled Monk brewery offers a rather large variety of beers for purchase and take home. You can go the traditional route and pull a 6-pack from the beer fridge or try something a little different and go the growler route. The brewery offers two different sizes of growlers, which are essentially large jugs filled up with beer from a tap, and give you a chance to purchase some of their more limited beer runs.

Troubled Monk Brewery Beer Fridge

All said and done, we turned a regular sunny afternoon into a impromptu and memorable road trip to Red Deer for a couple of beers with a few friends – well worth the drive.   


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