Ask A Local: What is Something About Red Deer that Only “Locals” Would Know?

Discovery Canyon

One way to explore a place is to see all of the must-visit attractions, go to the iconic local restaurants and bars, and fill up a checklist of items specific to that area. This is a fantastic way to travel. Alternatively, some like to see a place from a local’s perspective. Get to know the city, do what residents do on weekends, grab a coffee at a local coffee shop, and fully immerse themselves in the city’s culture. This way of travelling is equally fantastic, and it’s a great way to truly get to know Red Deer and Central Alberta. We asked our Local Experts to tell us something about Red Deer that only “locals” would know. Here’s what they had to say:

The Ross Street patio is the coolest place to hang out in the summer.Todd Nivens, Executive Director at Waskasoo Environmental Education Society
Outdoors & Nature Expert
The best places to go for your Saturday morning breakfast.Chef Emmanuel David, Executive Chef at Boulevard Restaurant
Culinary Expert
Discovery Canyon at Riverbend Golf Course. Fantastic Walking Trails behind Kerry Wood Nature Center. The bike/walking only access picnic area at Heritage Ranch Ponds!Charlie Bredo, Co-founder of Troubled Monk Brewery
Culinary Expert

“Where Eaton’s used to be”: If you ask a local for directions, they will say something like” You know where Eaton’s used to be? It’s right across the street from there.” Not very useful to a newcomer!

“ASH Hill”: Michener Hill. ASH stands for ‘Alberta School Hospital,’ the former name of the Michener Centre.

Lorna Johnson, Executive Director at Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery
Arts, Culture & Heritage Expert


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