Meet The Local Experts

Each with their own unique background, expertise, and industry focus – our experts are all connected to Red Deer’s tourism scene in their own way. As Red Deerians, they share a passion – to let you know about the city and it’s offerings, answer your questions with a local perspective, and welcome you to Red Deer.

Charlie Bredo

Co-founder | Troubled Monk Brewery

I get to be around beer all day. What’s better than that? But the best part about my job is working with people who love what they do and are passionate. Visiting with our customers is a highlight too – the people of Red Deer (and those passing through) that appreciate a good drink with friends.
Born in Edmonton and grew up in Red Deer. I went to school at St. Martin de Porres (elementary), St. Thomas (Junior High) and Notre Dame (High School).

After brief stints in Edmonton (U of A), Calgary, and Canmore, my wife and I are proud to call Red Deer home along with our three daughters.

We decided to call Red Deer home to be closer to our families, the great location, great community and big city amenities!

Get To Know Charlie

Both! I was raised in Red Deer but moved away for University and to work in Calgary and Canmore after that. We came back to be closer to family, but also because it has a lot of great things going for it. Half way between Edmonton and Calgary, small town feel, great trail and parks system, growing culture scene. Since we moved back, we’ve been here almost 7 years.
I get really excited about building and growing things. I guess I am a bit of an entrepreneur in that way. In the past, the projects I’ve work on seemed to have somewhat finite lives. With Troubled Monk, it seems like the opportunities are endless. Every week there seems to be another opportunity that gets me excited about continuing to grow the business. While I really do like beer (and the other drinks we make) what keeps me going is surrounding myself with passionate people and growing something that the community gets excited about.
Sleep off the hangover… just joking! I normally get up pretty early and get some work done. Then I help the girls get ready for the day (which is easier as they get older) and head to work. Every day at work is totally different, something I really value, then I head home for supper and hang out with the family until bedtime!

Lorna Johnson

Executive Director | Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery

I am responsible for everything at the MAG! I help the Board and staff to establish the artistic direction for the organization; I oversee the development of the collections, the planning of our exhibition program and our public programs. I love the diversity of my job. It is always creative. My career goal was to manage a community museum – and here I am! I also love the MAG’s koi. I love working with all of the creative people who work and volunteer here.
I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and grew up in Kindersley, where my father was a farmer with a passion for archaeology. I studied at University of Calgary, where I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art (Painting). I later went on to obtain a Master of Education Degree in Adult Education from the University of Toronto. I applied for the position of Manager of the Red Deer Museum in 2004, got the job, and moved here from Cochrane in October of 2004.

Get To Know Lorna

By choice! I’m originally from Saskatchewan. I came here to accept the job of Manager of the Museum and have lived in Red Deer for 15 years.
I wanted to work in museums since I was in high school. I always loved visiting museums and private collections and learning about the stories artefacts could tell. I was very lucky to be able to get summer jobs in museums, and I have had the opportunity to work in some of Canada’s great museums. I continue to love my work! I love the opportunity to learn constantly, and I love to create new learning opportunities for our visitors. It is wonderful to help visitors to unlock the stories that the artifacts in our collections can reveal.
There are no average days! Every day brings a new challenge and a new creative opportunity.

Chef Emmanuel David

Executive Chef | Boulevard Restaurant

Since settling in Red Deer over 8 years ago and opening the very successful Boulevard Restaurant, I really enjoy connecting with the community through my cooking, as well as one on one. I welcome what Alberta has to offer and strongly support the farm to table dining movement.
I was born in Grenada and moved to Canada in the 80’s, where I discovered a love for culinary arts. I have lead a very successful career, while being able to mentoring another generation of successful chefs. I have also participated in top-level international culinary competitions for both Culinary Team Canada and Culinary Team Alberta.

Get To Know Chef Emmanuel

I am a Red Deerian by choice. The opportunity to start a restaurant brought me to Red Deer, and I’ve been here for the past 8 years.
My first job when I came to Canada was a breakfast cook. I found my passion in cooking and creating and it grew from there.
I work most days and that consists of going to work and reviewing the day, and making sure things run smoothly and coming home to enjoy my garden.

Todd Nivens

Executive Director | Waskasoo Environmental Education Society

I am the Executive Director for the Waskasoo Environmental Education Society (WEES). We operate the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Historic Fort Normandeau, and look after the natural and cultural history interpretation and environmental education within The City’s Waskasoo Park System.

I do strategic planning for WEES; develop and manage budgets; develop relationships with communities outside Red Deer; build mutually-beneficial partnerships between WEES and other organizations; liaise with The City to provide expert opinion on natural and cultural history matters; provide consultation on City development plans; develop interpretive signage; develop interpretive programs… I do lots of different things.

What’s great about my job? It’s different every day, there’re lots of opportunities to be away from my desk, I get to play outside in forests and on rivers, and I get to talk to a LOT of people.

I grew up on the west coast of Canada (Victoria and Vancouver). Until I moved to Red Deer in January of 2000 I’d never lived more than 200 metres away from the ocean. I quickly found that the open sky, long grasses, and clumps of poplar forests have their own unique charms.

I hold a Masters of Arts in Environmental Education and Communications, and have been an environmental and cultural history educator for 25 years.

Get To Know Todd

By choice, I came here for work and have been in Red Deer for 19 years.
I became an environmental educator almost by accident. I grew up on the west coast of BC, surrounded by rainforests, seashores, rivers, mountains… I lived outside. My childhood was spent hiking, camping, skiing, biking, paddling, fishing (all the things I do today). For some reason, I went to school to study marketing and subsequently worked for a large advertising agency. I hated every minute of it. I started volunteering at the Vancouver Aquarium and re-discovered nature. I was later hired on to manage the overnight program, then the AquaVan program, and finally I was moved up to run the Community Outreach division. Through the Aquarium I learned how to be a rafting guide, interpreter, and educator. I learned how to handle animals, how to build

educational programs, and how to manage staff. 25 years later, I’m still taking people into some really cool places.

Red Deer happened almost by accident. My wife and I wanted to move from Vancouver. We figured we could leave the ocean or the mountains but not both. Red Deer has afforded us easy access to the mountains, rivers, and lakes we love to explore, and a short hop back to the coast for family, friends, and dose of oceans and rainforests.

Work days: Hanging out at the Nature Centre, walking the trails, designing interpretive signage, moving environmental and cultural history education ahead.

Non-work days: Something active with my wife and kids (biking, paddling, hiking, skiing, longboarding, snowshoeing)

Hopefully it would be something like “Fun”.