Three nights at the Cambridge Hotel Red Deer

Destination Hotels Red Deer

Here are three scenarios where you’ll be happy you chose the Cambridge Hotel Red Deer.

You’re planning that big work conference

You want me to plan a conference for how many people? Right no problem. You can do this – you are an event-planning star.

Here’s what you’ll say: Boss lady, the Cambridge Hotel has a massive conference centre for up to 2,000 of our closest colleagues and loads of parking (play that up – she’ll like that). The new Link lobby business centre has workstations and printers and the whole complex has reliable Wi-Fi. Plus there’s a lounge to schmooze speakers and executive fat cats (maybe don’t say fat cats). She’ll try not to look impressed but she will be on the inside.

Your coach looks wiped out

It’s late when the bus pulls up to Cambridge’s lobby. You all pile out and the coach approaches the front desk with a little trepidation. How long ‘til this unruly teenage herd is safely in bed? But they’re ready for your team and have all twenty keys waiting. Everybody is roomed in a sweet half hour. Collapsing into his suite’s armchair, coach sighs with relief.

The next morning you knock his socks off when he sees you guys working out in the spanking new upgraded fitness centre. He’s always going on and on and on about warming up. See? We listen, big guy.

You’re a parent and need a sleepcation

I’ve had this idea for a while – well, ever since these tiny sleep-stealing tykes arrived at my house– it’s called a sleepcation. Here’s how it goes:

Your suite is on the quiet premium floor. First thing you change into your PJs and fluffy robes. Room service arrives and you watch a fully uninterrupted movie for grown-ups with swearing and everything. Whenever you feel like it, you climb into the roomy hot tub for a long soak and cuddle with your sweetie. All tucked up in the pillowy soft cloud of a Cambridge’s sweet sleeper bed, you melt into a puddle of bliss – and no one asks you for juice or cut up apples or anything like that.

It’s quiet and you sleep all blessed night until room service brings you breakfast – you guessed it– in bed.


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