The Baymont Inn & Suites – Red Deer’s Tropical Oasis

Play all day on the sunny prairie, swim under a palm tree and get the team ready for your tournament – all right in the middle of downtown. Here are three ways to play and stay at the Baymont Inn & Suites.

Prairie farm by day, oasis by night

During the day, get up to your elbows in berries, asparagus and posies. Buy just-picked fruit and veggies at rural markets and the Red Deer’s big Saturday market. And after all that farm-fresh fun, come back to a dinner of kicked up Canadian cuisine in the lodge’s tropical courtyard restaurant. Hot sunny prairie to leafy tropical jungle – the best of both worlds.

All-day swimmer

By all means, visit dear Aunt Betty – it’s what you came to do – but then straight back to the courtyard pool. You’ll want a poolside courtyard room, so you dip and nap as often as you want. Swim in the heated salt-water pool surrounded by palm trees, giant green leaves and exotic flowers. Melt into a puddle of bliss in the hot tub or during a massage in the day spa. To recap: make Auntie’s day, pool, nap, hot soak, massage – a tiny trip to paradise.

Eat, sleep, warm-up, eat

You and the team are focused on the tournament so you’re all business. Book at Red Deer’s sports friendly hotel and it’s all done for you. Eat in the restaurant – parents and coaches to the comfortable lounge – sleep in a comfy room, free hot breakfast buffet and then warm up in the fitness centre. Now you’re ready to bring your game.

Free parking and more

The hotel has lots of free parking too for RVs and buses – even a few power stalls for electric cars. Find out more about the lodge’s meeting facilities, wedding services and make a reservation at

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