Tourism Week – Tourism Red Deer’s Food & Beverage Scene

Whether it’s a fresh cup of coffee, some sweet baked treats, a delicious family meal, a fine glass of wine, or a perfectly poured pint of craft beer, you’ll find it here at Tourism Red Deer.

This local food and beverage industry has emerged over past several years into a must experience when you visit this amazing region.  The reason for that is the hardworking dedicated people working the front lines and behind the scenes to bring food and drinks to tables throughout their communities. Here in Red Deer and central Alberta, we have some of the best and it shows.

The culinary scene in Red Deer’s backyard has burst at the seams favouring the fresh produce and locally grown products.  From the foothills to the hoodoos the taste of central Alberta is rich in flavour and diverse in its selection.

Farm to table is more than a movement in our region, it is a way of life.  It’s also the lifeblood for many of our great people behind local restaurants, bakeries, delis, cafes, farmers markets, farmers, producers, breweries, wineries, distilleries and many more.

DNA Gardens at the Gasoline Alley Farmers' Market

Tourism Red Deer is proud to work alongside these culinary artists and organizations that bring nourishment, joy, and life to our communities. Today we shine a light on our Food & Beverage members, we raise our glass and thank you for your tireless devotion.

Red Hart Brewing


Bo’s Bar & Stage

Cakes & Doe

Cilantro & Chive Red Deer

Craft Beer Commonwealth

DNA Gardens (Our Roots Delidais Estate Winery)

Edgar Farms

Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market

WestLake Grill at Heritage Ranch

Las Palmeras

Let’s Tea Talk

Little Red Barn

Memphis Blues BBQ House

Red Hart Brewing

Sweet Market Esso

Taco Monster

The Jungle Farm

Troubled Monk Brewery


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