Tourism Week – A message from Tourism Red Deer’s Board Chair

Dear Members and Community,

The board of Tourism Red Deer would like to welcome you to celebrate Tourism Week 2021!

This year, we aim to recognize the resilience of the industry through this unprecedented time. During May 23rd to May 30th, we nationally recognize the contributions that Central Alberta’s tourism sector makes to the economy and local community. We salute tourism operators and their employees for their perseverance and resilience over the past 15 months.

We want to celebrate the beauty of our region and how we deliver a unique experience that is vital to the tourism ecosystem. Remember to take the time to:

  • Explore new trails with the budding trees and singing birds,
  • Stroll through the park enjoying a breathtaking sunset and the fresh green grass,
  • Escape for a local overnight getaway and get an amazing night’s sleep that is long overdue,
  • Discover your new favorite family meal with savory and sweet options that make your mouth water just thinking about them and you can pick up to enjoy at home or outside for a picnic.

At Tourism Red Deer we strive to be the collective voice of a strong and diverse tourism community and lead the development of authentic experiences. Our board supports and carries out this vision by being a group of industry representatives that develop and implement the strategic plan for the organization. Each year we celebrate tourism successes and evaluate the opportunities for improvement. We support the operations of the organization and create success for the future.

Thank you, Rene, Cindy, Vicky and Colleen, the staff of Tourism Red Deer, for your hard work and passion for the tourism industry. Your efforts to drive industry marketing and collaboration has helped our community experience what Central Alberta has to offer.

This week we celebrate you!

Nancy Paish

Chair, Board of Directors

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