Event Funding Support

Tournament Promotion in Red Deer
Tourism  Red Deer is available to offer planning and promotional assistance to tournament organizers in a number of ways.

Listed below are just some of the services provided:

  • Planning and Promotional Support
  • Bid Development
  • Support Sourcing out Accommodations, Rates & Availability
  • Coordinate Site Inspections/Venue Selection
  • Access to Images
  • Maps
  • Local Connections
  • Destination Brochures
  • Welcoming/Info Booth (Large Events)
  • Destination DVD’s for Presentations


In addition, Bid Red Deer is a revolving fund established to assist in covering the cost of bids for events of international, national or provincial status.  Funds loaned to an organization are expected to be repaid if the bid is successful and the event occurs.  Bid Red Deer is administered through Tourism Red Deer Board of Directors.

General Contact

For more information please contact:
Liz Taylor liz@tourismreddeer.com
403.346.0180 ext 5