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  • Central Alberta Golfing Destinations

    The Nursery Golf and Country Club Golf courses are abundant in the Red Deer Region. With over two dozen courses within a hour drive, golfers of all skill levels are sure to find a place to play. Some of Alberta’s finest golf courses are located within a short drive of Red Deer. Wolf Creek Golf Resort in Ponoka has played host to a number of high profile tournaments and offers one of the toughest tests in the province. Innisfail Golf Club, Alberta Springs Golf Resort and Lacombe Golf & Country Club and River Bend Golf & Recreation Area are local favourites and all offer championship quality golf for a reasonable price. Golfers looking for a unique challenge should head north of Red Deer to the Nursery Golf & Country Club. The par 73 layout features one of the longest holes in Canada. Keeping the ball on the fairway and out of the trees can be a bit of a challenge. Most of us are constantly fighting the dreaded slice. Our friends at the golf blog share a few tips on fixing your slice… 1) Strengthen your Grip Position – The webbing between your thumb and index finger should create V’s pointing towards your trailing shoulder. Most slicers have a weak grip that sits more on top of the club, and these V’s point towards the lead shoulder or even further forward. 2) Loosen your Grip Pressure – Strangling the golf club will limit the amount of rotation and flexibility in your wrists, hands and forearms. Without this rotation, getting the club square coming into impact is very difficult. Loosen up. 3) Split Your Grip – A simple, yet effective drill to ingrain the proper wrists rotation required into impact is to split your grip on the club – much like a hockey grip. Leave your top hand in the normal position, but move your lower hand down to the bottom of your grip. Take some swings, feel how your wrists are supposed to rotate, and repeat. 4) Square Up Your Body – You’d be surprised how often your shoulders and hips can get out of alignment. One fundamental that you should keep a close eye on is your address position – ensure you’re shoulders, hips, knees and feet are square to your target line. Ever address a ball, and something just feels “off”? Take a step back, re-align yourself and swing. 5) Move the Ball Up – Your ball position matters. As your club is rotating through the impact zone, the club goes from open, to square, to closed very quickly. If the ball is too far back in your stance, you’ll hit the ball with an open clubface and cause your slice. Move the ball up, hit it square. Photo: The Nursery Golf and Country Club
  • Earn your bragging rights on Canada’s longest golf hole

    Remember that time you got that hole in one and you talked about it for months? You know what, even if it was glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, it was pretty awesome. Well, we’ve got a new way to earn your bragging rights – conquer Canada’s longest golf hole at The Nursery Golf & Country Club in Central Alberta.

    41,000 trees is a lot of trees

    The Nursery is in Lacombe, just 40 minutes north of Red Deer on Hwy 2. The course was created on the grounds of a 75-year-old tree nursery, which totally explains the astounding 41,000 trees that line the gorgeously green course. Besides the park-like setting, the course is characterized by large greens, tough tees, grass bunkers and water on 14 of the 18 holes.

    The course at the Nursery

    There are lots of tricky holes on this 6,700-yard course that rounds around tight corners, crosses streams and rolls over some undulating terrain. Hole 1 starts you off with a serious dogleg around the trees and 2, 8 and 16 are the same – so play to the corners, don’t try and cut them. Holes 3, 6, 10 and 13 are all about the water, crossing streams or cutting just inside lakes – and holes 14 and 15 do both! And hole 18 ends your game with a real toughie – blind shots, lakes, creeks, tall trees and a sloping green.

    The longest golf hole in Canada

    But the signature hole here is, of course, the par 6 hole 11 – at 782 yards it is the longest hole in the entire country. You’ll tee off next to a small pond to get to the fairway then shoot blind to get to the edge of the water that lies smack in the middle of this very tough hole. It’ll take you at least two more drives to get to the green and then your mad putting skills will get you to par. I believe in you – remember that time you got that hole-in-one? And that was in the dark.

  • We celebrate Central Alberta golf: Three signature holes

    In celebration of the many amazing golf courses in and around Red Deer, we bring you three of Central Alberta’s signature holes.
    image Wind, sand and knee-high grasses Wolf Creek Golf Resort in Ponoka is one of Alberta’s best and most unique courses. It’s an old world Scottish-style links course with the challenges of sandy dunes, knee-high grasses and a wild prairie wind. All 36 holes have been seamlessly carved into the terrain with deep pothole bunkers and some tough water features thrown in too. One of the signature holes is Hawk’s Alley, 4 on the Old Course. You’ll tee off through a tight opening in the trees then go for the green surrounded on all sides by water and a deep bunker. And you’ll do it all in four swings. (The Wolf’s toughest par 4 though is the curving Dupe’s Revenge, hole 3 on the Links Course. Tip: watch your cut around the water.) image Water, woods and a very narrow green Innisfail Golf Club is the region’s most popular public course. It is beautiful, mature, immaculately maintained, very fast and very challenging. The 27-hole course is made up of three distinct nine hole courses and takes about 4 ½ hours to complete. The signature hole at Innisfail is Hazelwood 6. With a quiet lake to one side and dense woods to the other, you need to bring your A game drive. Address the elevated tee with confidence and send your Titleist flying onto the narrow green that juts out into the water. There are also bunkers surrounding the green just to add to the fun. (And this isn’t even Innisfail’s toughest hole – that’s the uphill and rounded Hazelwood 4.) image In the heart of the city RiverBend Golf Course is nice and central, just a few minutes from downtown Red Deer. The Red Deer River winds around this large (6,700 yard) 18-hole course, which also features mature trees, several clear lakes and open well-kept fairways. Plus, you can leave the family at the onsite Discovery Canyon water-play area (maybe pause to take a turn or two on a tube yourself) and then head out for a nice quiet round. Surrounded by water, hole 12 is RiverBend’s signature hole. The long par 4 dogleg showcases the most challenging aspects of the course – the river, lakes, sand, sloping fairways and unpredictable greens. Tip: keep it down the middle or the right side on your opening shot using a long iron or hybrid.
  • Golf in the Red Deer Region

    After a leisurely warm-up on Wolf Creek’s driving range and putting green, you tee off on your first of 36 legendary and tough links style holes. The wind is warm and gusty, the big blue sky is perfectly clear and the bright sun flickers on the long wet grass that frames the fairway. Now tell me, does it get any better than this? Read More